At Dermatology San Antonio we spent a considerable amount of time and effort researching body contouring devices before we chose Exilis for our practice. For years we have wanted to offer a non-invasive body contouring option and the right technology is finally here.

A non-invasive body contouring technology

Exilis uses radiofrequency to deeply heat two layers of the skin: the fat and middle part of the skin called the dermis. This heating stimulates fat cells to release their fat which is then cleared by the kidneys. It also stimulates collagen production in the dermis resulting in tightening and improvement in lines and skin laxity. It can be used to contour and improve resistant areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise like the lower abdomen and “love handles”. It can also be used to treat lines and skin laxity on the face and neck.

Exilis is unique compared to other non-invasive fat reduction technologies because it treats both the fat AND overlying skin. This combination of fat reduction and skin tightening can be especially helpful to contour areas like the belly, thighs and arms where skin laxity combined with fat pockets create an unwanted look. This can be especially appropriate for women who have laxity and fat on the lower abdomen after pregnancy or patients that have laxity and resistant areas after significant weight loss. Exilis offers a unique solution for these problem areas that are a combination of excess fat and skin laxity. Treatment of the fat alone would be insufficient for areas like these. It can also be used to address contour irregularities that can arise after liposuction. It is not a cellulite treatment.

The skin tightening setting on this device is also be used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lax skin on the neck, jawline, and face. Lastly, Exilis is unique because the treatment can be tailored to you. It can be used exclusively on the skin tightening setting or the fat reduction setting or a combination of the two to address your specific area.

Exilis is not a weight loss device nor is it surgery. It is best used for patients who are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight. Optimal results require adequate hydration to optimize clearance of the fat that is released during the treatment. Adhering to a healthy diet and exercise while undergoing the treatment is also important.

During the treatment you will feel a deep warming sensation. The warmer we get the fat and overlying skin the better the results. You may feel some discomfort but not pain. There is no sedation for the procedure. A treatment takes 40-90 minutes depending on the areas being treated. The skin may be red for a short amount of time following the treatment but generally you can return to your normal activities the same day of the treatment. Occasionally you will feel some mild tenderness to the skin following the treatment. This is normal, can be managed with Tylenol, generally should not interfere with your daily routine and will resolve.

Generally 4 weekly treatments are performed. Reduction in fat is generally evident by the 4th treatment and results may continue to evolve over the following month. Skin tightening will be evident in 3-6 months. Results will vary. We are excited and pleased to offer this unique treatment to our patients.