Elta MD

Elta MD Skin Care embraces a complete spectrum of products designed for every skin type and unique need, all paraben-free and sensitivity-free. Protecting skin from sun exposure and damage is a critical part of a daily skin care regimen. The Elta MD sun care line includes oil-free formulas, daily moisturizing sunscreens, chemical-free sunscreens, and all-over body sunscreens to protect every patient from sun damage and the risk of skin cancer. Elta MD products are fragrance free and unlike most sunscreens, don’t leave a white film on the skin, irregardless of skin color.

Elta MD Products include:

  • UV Clear SPF 46, Pump Acne
  • UV Lotion SPF 30
  • UV Physical SPF 41
  • UV Shield SPF 45 Tube
  • UV Sport SPF 50 Pump
  • UV Sport SPF 50 Tube
  • UV Spray SPF 46 Pump

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