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Customized Facial

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The expertise and passion of the aesthetician you use for a facial is relevant for you to receive the ultimate benefits that a facial experience can provide.

A Dermatology San Antonio, we recommend a one-on-one consultation to touch on the important factors of your skin, your existing facial regimen and your goals for your skins appearance.

We want to discuss the amount of sun exposure, lifestyle, genetics, allergies and the external/internal medications can determine the product and techniques used in the facial. Not all people have the same skin type or the same needs to achieve the results that are desired, your facial is as custom as you are.

Your custom facial experience

To rejuvenate the skin, a gentle but thorough cleansing and exfoliation process will increase the product absorption and “jump start” the cell turnover. Extracting the congested pores, the application of a chemical peel or mask to kill the bacteria is a second step to further remove the layers of dead cells. Since there are a variety of chemicals and masks, the “customized facial” is designed for your unique skin type. The mask seals vitamins, minerals and healthy pure hydration into your skin.

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The word “chemical” concerns clients for the fear of being raw and behind closed doors for an amount of time! There are so many different facial chemicals used and depending on the percentage and type, you may have a little flaking days after, but the epidermal “horny dead cells” are dissolved and removed during the facial treatment.

Why a facial?

  1. Accelerate exfoliation
  2. Forms new tissue
  3. Stimulate epidermal growth
  4. Increase reception of topical products
  5. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Reduce hyperpigmentation
  7. Regulate oil production
  8. Increase cellular turnover
  9. Stimulate collagen production
  10. Brighten dull skin
  11. Improve tone and texture
  12. Improve acne scars

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